Ask the Sleep Team: Can an Oral Appliance Treat My Sleep Apnea?


I have had a CPAP machine for three years. Problem is, it sits in the corner of my bedroom collecting dust. I can’t stand using it, I won’t use it. Of course, my situation isn’t improving. I’ve steadily put on weight during those three years, I feel awful most days, I get headaches, I never feel good anymore. My cousin has sleep apnea too, but he got an oral appliance made by his dentist to treat it instead of using CPAP. Can an oral appliance really treat my sleep apnea? I would love to find something that works that doesn’t involve that mask.

Sleep Team’s Answer:

Good news! Oral appliances can be very effective for treating sleep apnea. In fact, it is considered a first line of treatment for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. In severe cases, oral appliance therapy is considered more effective–and preferable to–no treatment at all. Many patients find oral appliance therapy much easier to tolerate than CPAP machines. CPAP, although incredibly effective, only works when you use it.

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